2 Days fishing in rural village with catch fish guaranteed

Day 1: Hanoi Lake – Get Fish Guaranteed

Hanoi Lake is an amazing place and with all the different species of fish that live there, we thought it was time to offer them to you. We have access to the one and only Hanoi Lake, which offers anglers the chance to do battle with such a fish as Catfish and the famous Common Carp that grow to gigantic sizes. This is truly the way to see Hanoi. For those of you who have not yet heard about this lake, it is located 20 minutes drive from Hanoi center. The water is around 1/2 acres with grass banks all round, which offers awesome fishing for numerous Viet native and non-native predator species, either by lure or fly fishing. A big population of Catfish up to 40 kg inhabits the lake.

The Common Carp in the Hanoi Lake grow to enormous sizes and the area we fish hold beasts over the magic 40lb mark along with many 10 to 20lb Carps.

Imagine standing on the side of a lake holding on to a very angry Catfish, as it tries to get back to its hole. As you can imagine, it is an experience not to miss!

Our guides will take great care of you whilst fishing this impressive lake, making your day as enjoyable as possible. They are willing for you to do everything or as little as you wish and will make your experience as full-on as they can.


Once you have arrived at the lake you will be shown to your lakeside banks where you can then unpack and start your day fishing. Our English speaking guide will show you around and this is your time to find out as much info as you can about the lake, the swim and what other facilities are on offer

You will be given one lunch meal per person today which will be delivered to the lake.

1 beer & rice wine will be serve during fishing time

The fish in this lake will respond to well presented rigs and bait so make sure you check that your hooks are sharp and that all rig components blend into the lake bed.

There are plenty of Carp & Catfish & Grass carp in this lake and with 24hours of fishing you will be kept busy if you get it all right. We have Carp to 40lb in this lake with many 10 – 25lb to back the big one up. Some Catfish are over 40lb

You will be transferred to Ninh Binh then, it will take around 90 minutes with your nap passing the truly rural view in Red River Delta

Have a nice dinner with on of best warm hospitality family in Rural village in Vietnam

Diner will be made and serviced by Local Female People with best Vietnamese cuisine … Good food & warm wine will bring your deep sleep tonight.

Overnight at the Basic Clean Hotel


Day 2 : Carp Heaven Lake in Ninh Binh.

We would like to introduce Carp Heaven Lake located in Ninh Binh only 90km from Hanoi which is the northeast side of the country. This stunning piece of water is 2000m2 and with it being over 40 years old, the lake and the surrounding foliage is very established and picturesque.

Given how popular Carp fishing has become we have been searching the Vietnam world for top-quality Carp venues. Heaven Lake has been packed full of incredible looking Carp Commons. The farmer owners have stocked over 15,000 Carp in this lake from 10lb – 40lb and that’s not to mention the original Carp that were present already.


Our guide will taking you out for trying the local Vietnamese breakfast call” Pho”, and taking you to the lake. The transfer is only 10 minutes.

Once you have arrived you will be shown to your swim. All your free equipment will be waiting for you and is yours once you have arrived. Our guide will then try and give you as much information about the swim as possible.

This lake has a huge stock of hard fighting fish that are nearly always up for some grub so make sure you map your swim out when you arrive, get to know your swim and that way when the fish do move in you will be well prepared and be able to fish for them without having to get the marker rod out.

The Carp in this lake are no different than the Carp back in the UK or France so you will be able to use your favourite trusted rigs and hook baits. The best piece of advice is to take plenty of pre-tied rigs as when these fish move on to you need to be organised and not spend unnecessary time retying rigs.

We now include 1 kg of local bait per swim and you can of course order more bait

After send a full day fishing here, At a prearranged time you will be transferred back to Hanoi and arrival at 18:00

Trip End after drop you at your hotel

Group size of Angler Price Non-Angler Request
 1 Pax USD 360   Enquire about this tour  
2 to 4 Pax USD 180 per person 5% discount  Enquire about this tour  
5 to 8 pax USD 160 per person 10% discount  Enquire about this tour  
9 to 10 pax USD 140 per person 15% discount  Enquire about this tour  
Over 10 pax USD 120 per person 20% discount  Enquire about this tour  

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  • 1 Night at the Basic Clean Hotel in Ninh Binh
  • 2 Lunch as mentioned
  • Vietnamese Rice Wine & 1 Beer / per day
  • Professional fishing & experienced  guides
  • 2days fishing
  • All required fishing permits
  • All fishing tackle provided rods, reels etc.
  • All required baits and rigs
  • A certain amount of free bait per day (more bait can be purchased at a very reasonable fee)


Personal holiday insurance
Personal items
Guide tips

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