Free Fishing Trip for Hanoi Expats – 2days

Given how popular Carp fishing has become we have been searching the Vietnam world for top-quality Carp venues. Heaven Lake has been packed full of incredible looking Carp Commons. The farmer owners have stocked over 25,000 Carp in this lake from 20lb – 40lb and that’s not to mention the original Carp that were present already. The biggest fish landed so far is a massive 44lb and we are sure there are bigger Carp swimming around just waiting for you to present that perfect cast in the right place. We are very proud of this Heaven Lake and can see great things happening with it as it has only been fished since 2012 so these fish have hardly seen any pressure. So if you are looking for your very next Carp fishing adventure, look no further than Carp Heaven Lake in Ninh Binh.

We would like to introduce Carp Heaven Lake located in Ninh Binh only 90km from Hanoi which is the northeast side of the country. This stunning piece of water is 2000m2 and with it being over 40 years old, the lake and the surrounding foliage is very established and picturesque.

Every Saturday 

We will meet at the front of Hanoi Opera House : No 1 – Trang Tien Street – Hanoi Old Quarter
Once you have arrived, Our Fishing in Vietnam representative will be waiting to transfer you to the lake. The transfer is approx. 2 hour.

Once you have arrived you will be shown to your swim. All your free equipment will be waiting for you and is yours once you have arrived. Our representative will then try and give you as much information about the swim as possible.
You will be given 1 evening meal per person today for your entire stay.
Overnight accommodation: Green Hotel 2star

Sunday  : Fishing Days

This lake has a huge stock of hard fighting fish that are nearly always up for some grub so make sure you map your swim out when you arrive, get to know your swim and that way when the fish do move in you will be well prepared and be able to fish for them without having to get the marker rod out.

The Carp in this lake are no different than the Carp back in the UK or France so you will be able to use your favourite trusted rigs and hook baits. The best piece of advice is to take plenty of pre-tied rigs as when these fish move on to you you need to be organised and not spend unnecessary time retying rigs.
We now include 1 kg of local bait per swim and you can of course order more bait

After send a full day fishing here, At a prearranged time you will be transferred back to Hanoi and arrival at 18:00
Trip finish at same location at the front of Hanoi Opera House : No 1 – Trang Tien Street – Hanoi Old Quarter



  • Fishing guide is free by Fishing in Vietnam
  • Free fishing equipment if you need
  • 1 Lunch & 1 Dinner will prepare by Local Family Farmer with best Vietnamese cuisine :  USD 5 / 1 meal / pay directly to the female local cooker
  • We will use the Van 16 seats for this trip,  and 10 USD  will collect on tour and pay directly to your driver
  • Our group are Min 8 pax & Max 12 pax ( please request for availability of place)
  • Free hot / cold drink water
  • 10 USD lake fee pay to help the Lake Farmer
  • 5 USD for 1 night at Hotel ( sharing room)

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